U15's Festival Ready

September 30, 2021

Our U15 Representative Boys and Girls are prepped and ready to go for their Festivals next week.

The Boys will be away in Stratford and the Girls in Whanganui from this Sunday (3rd Oct) to Wednesday (6th Oct) to take part in a new and improved festival format.

The festivals will have no gold medals, no trophies, and no winners and instead focus on the holistic development of the individual in a fun and supportive team environment.

The cohort of representative players will consist of three evenly matched girl’s teams and two evenly matched boy’s teams. This deeper pool of players travelling to tournament gives a greater number of individuals access to a higher level of hockey and further development opportunities.

Wellington Hockey Community Development Officer Bjorn Dix says, “It’s all about turning up and playing hockey”. With no agenda beyond getting on the turf and having fun, the new structure takes the stress away from athletes to perform and instead moves the focus to individual development and fun.

While briefing the cohort, Dix stressed the importance of everyone enjoying themselves while away at the festival. He hopes to see every individual improve from this opportunity and will see this tournament as a success if everyone is having a good time and enjoying playing hockey.

U15 representative girls Emily Allen, Amy Murry and Charlotte Merwood are excited to take part in this new development opportunity. All girls have been members in past representative programmes and see this new format as a unique development opportunity.

Murry says of this opportunity, she is most looking forward to “connecting as a team on and off the pitch and going away and having fun”. While Allen will see this tournament as a success in “Making everyone feel welcome and seeing everyone having fun.” With the larger cohort of players now allowed under this format, Merwood is looking forward to connecting with a larger group of friends, “The bigger group lets you meet new people and be friends with people you wouldn’t normally meet.”

All three girls agreed the shift in focus away from winning towards having fun would have a positive impact on their tournament experience and development going forward.

Best of luck to our U15 Boys and Girls for next week’s tournament!