2021 Secondary Grade Finals Booklet

September 22, 2021

The finals are set an ready to go in our Secondary Premier Hockey Grade Competitions! We have some of Wellingtons brightest young hockey stars going up against one another in this years finals to find out who will be the 2021 champions and taking home the Sporting Edge Secondary Premier League Trophy.

We would like to remind all that due to Covid Alert Level 2 restrictions we will not be allowing any spectators at our venues and ask that those wanting to watch games do so from their vehicles or using the Cello Sport game stream on YouTube.

Games Schedule:

Sporting Edge P1 Boys Final

Wellington College 1B v Onslow College 1B

8.15pm on Cello NHS1

Game stream link: https://youtu.be/EkQBg3QdGeI

Sporting Edge P1 Girls Final

Wellington Girls College 1G v Tawa College 1G

6.30pm on Cello NHS1

Game stream link: https://youtu.be/c40HFmAXJcE

Sporting Edge P2 Boys Final

Wellington College 2B v St Pat's Silverstream 1B

6.30pm on NHS3

Sporting Edge P2 Girls Final

Aotea College 1G v Onslow College 1G

5pm on Cello NHS1

Game stream link: https://youtu.be/PXuxLcG8v_o

P3 Boys Final

Aotea College 1B v Tawa College 2B

5.10pm on Cello NHS1

Game stream link: https://youtu.be/G-12QbW7m-A

P3 Girls Final

St Mary's College 1G v Wellington Girls College 4G

5pm on Newtown McDonald's NHS2

Check out the full draw and matchups for the Premier Secondary Finals in the 2021 Secondary Finals Booklet below.

2021 Secondary Finals Booklet.pdf