Open Grade Report - Week 14

July 29, 2021


Weather conditions were much improved and the final P1 round-robin series of games were able to be largely completed.  These together with the games that were played during the week enable the play-offs to begin on Saturday.  In each case team 1 plays team 2 with the winner to go into the Final and have next week off; and the loser plays the winner of the game between team 3 and team 4 for the other Final spot.


Harbour City were unable to get closer to leaders Hutt United with their top-of-the-table clash ending in a draw.. During the week Northern United had beaten Karori and won again against a more than competitive Toa on Saturday.  Victoria got the better of Karori, but a third bonus point eluded them.  They went down to Dalefield on Thursday night, meaning the Wairarapa based-team finished in second place and will meet top qualifiers Hutt United on Saturday. Meanwhile Vic will play Toa in the fifth v sixth game.


20 July         Northern United 2 (Lara Vance, Yazzmine Woodhouse) Karori 0

24 July         Harbour City 2 (Charlotte Eastman, Kelsey Stevens) Hutt United 2 (Grace Seeley, Minna Reid)

Northern United 4 (Katie Fraser, Fiona Julian, Sophie Macadre, Emma Brokenshire)    Toa 0

Victoria 4 (Shania Marenzi, Nikki Anderson, Abbey Stokes, Annika Russell) Karori 0

Dalefield had the bye

29 July         Dalefield 1 (Katherine van Woerkom) Victoria 0

Also             Hutt United 1 Toa 0: Game not rescheduled.  Teams agreed to the score.

Points:         Hutt United 33, Dalefield 29, Harbour City 27, Northern United 23, Victoria 11, Toa 7, Karori 1

31 July         Northern United (4) v Harbour City (3) at 4:00pm on NHS 1

Victoria (5) v Toa (6) at 12:30pm on Cello NHS 1

Hutt United (1) v Dalefield (2) at 2:15pm on Cello NHS 1

Karori have the bye


Dalefield managed to overcome a spirited Victoria at Clareville on Thursday night and with a bye last Saturday, they finish top of the table.  Young Jack Cobden-Cox netted three times as Harbour City scored some wonderful team goals against Hutt United on Saturday to sew up second place.  Hutt were backing up from their very good win over Indians on Friday night and these two teams will meet again this week, after Indians recovered well to beat Northern United and finish comfortably in fourth place.  On Thursday Northern United had beaten Tawa Titans for the second time to finish sixth and they will play fifth-placed Victoria who had a penalty stroke saved against Tawa Titans on Saturday before running out relatively comfortable winners.


22 July         Dalefield 4 (Zac Hardie, Hamish Finlayson, Rowan Yeo, Craig Pankhurst) Victoria 3 (Rio Tuson, Alex Grey, Chantz Wilson-Harding)

Northern United 3 (Jack Boon, Ryan Smith, Lee Stanton-Barnett) Tawa Titans 0

23 July         Hutt United 2 Indians 1

24 July         Victoria 4(Alex Grey, Joseph Redpath, Rio Tuson, Lothar Krumpen) Tawa Titans 2 (Kevin Bellman, William Pita)

Harbour City 5 (Jack Cobden-Cox 3, Mack Smith, Liam Mortimer) Hutt United 1 (Jack Rider)

Indians 4 (Hiren Mani, Aqshai Lala, Hemesh Lala, Marco Brown) Northern United 0

Dalefield had the bye

Points:         Dalefield 36, Harbour City 30, Hutt United 29, Indians 24, Victoria 16, Northern United 8, Tawa Titans 0

31 July         Hutt United (3) v Indians (4) at 2:45pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Dalefield (1) v Harbour City (2) at 3:30pm at Clareville 1

Northern United v Victoria at 4:30pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Tawa Titans have the bye


Close games were a feature of the round as leaders Hutt United drew for the first time with Kapiti 2 on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2, and Victoria 2 pipped Karori to move into equal first.  Third-placed Harbour City had the biggest win, by two goals over Kapiti 1 on NHS 3, and Victoria 3 had their third win, edging Upper Hutt also on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2.

Results:       Victoria 2 3 Karori 2

Hutt United 2 Kapiti 2 2

Victoria 3 2 Upper Hutt 1

Harbour City 3 Kapiti 1 1

Points:         Hutt United 20, Victoria 2 20, Harbour City 17, Kapiti 2 12, Kapiti 1 11, Victoria 3 10,Upper Hutt 7, Karori 7

1 August      Harbour City v Upper Hutt at 12:30pm on Cello NHS 1

Kapiti 1 v Victoria 3 at 1:00pm on Mazengarb Reserve

Karori v Kapiti 2 at 2:15pm on Cello NHS 1

Victoria 2 v Hutt United at 4:00pm on Cello NHS 1


Hutt United maintained their healthy lead with a good win over Northern United, while second placed Upper Hutt nudged out Harbour City on Cello NHS 1.  Victoria registered their second competition pointdrawing with Karori in the late game.

Results:       Hutt United 3 Northern United 0

Karori 2 Victoria 2

Upper Hutt 3 Harbour City 2

Points          Hutt United 32, Upper Hutt 20, Harbour City 13, Northern United 10, Karori 10, Victoria 2

1 August      Northern United v Upper Hutt at 12:45pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Harbour City v Victoria at 2:30pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Karori v Hutt United at 4:15pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2


Tawa Titans continued to make no race of it comfortably beating Northern United on Elsdon Park, while second placed Hutt United were held to a scoreless draw by Upper Hutt at Maidstone Park.  Victoria moved ahead of Indians with their win on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2 and Kapiti got the better of Naenae on NHS 3.

Results        Tawa Titans 4 Northern United 1

Upper Hutt 0 Hutt United 0

Kapiti 3 Naenae 0

Victoria 2 Indians 0

Points          Tawa Titans 27, Hutt United 16, Kapiti 16, Northern United 13, Victoria 11Indians 9, Upper Hutt 8, Naenae 3.

31 July         Tawa Titans v Hutt United at 4:30 on NHS 3

                     Upper Hutt v Northern United at 2:15pm on Maidstone Park

Kapiti v Indians at 12:15pm on Mazengarb Reserve

Victoria v Naenae at 6:15pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2


New leaders Indians’ narrow win over Tawa Titans at Elsdon Park and Harbour City’s upset defeat of Kapiti on NHS 3 have closed up the table with just eight points between first and seventh. Hutt United moved further ahead of Northern United, while Vic 3 tipped up Vic 4 to gain revenge for their earlier defeat.

Results        Harbour City 4 Kapiti 1

Indians 3 Tawa Titans 2

Victoria 3 4 Victoria 4 1

Hutt United 3 Northern United 1

Points          Indians 18, Tawa Titans 17, Kapiti 17, Victoria 3 14, Victoria 4 13, Harbour City 11, Hutt United 10, Northern United 4

31 July         Kapiti v Victoria 4 at 2:00pm on Mazengarb Reserve

Hutt United v Tawa Titans at 1:00pm on NHS 3

Harbour City v Victoria 3 at 12:30pm on Cello NHS 1

Northern United v Indians at 2:45pm on NHS 3