Open Grade report - Week 13

July 21, 2021

With heavy rain for much of Saturday and both NHS turfs becoming flooded, the decision was made to cancel all scheduled Premier 1 and Premier 3 games, which will be played at a later date to be advised.

Premier 2 games on Sunday were able to be played.


Points:         Dalefield 33, Harbour City 27, Hutt United 26*, Indians 21*, Victoria 12*, Northern United 3*, Tawa Titans 0*

* denotes a bye. 

24 July         Northern United v Indians at 12:30pm on Cello NHS 1

Hutt United v Harbour City at 2:15pm on Cello NHS 1

Tawa Titans v Victoria at 4:00pm on Cello NHS 1

Dalefield have the bye


Points:         Hutt United 29*, Harbour City 26, Dalefield 26, Northern United 17*, Victoria 8*, Toa 7*, Karori 1*

* denotes a bye

24 July         Hutt United v Harbour City at 1:00pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Northern United v Toa at 2:45 m on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Victoria v Karori at 4.15 on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Dalefield have the bye


Hutt United had to battle to get past second placed Upper Hutt at Maidstone Park and they extended their impressive lead.  Harbour City did well to beat rivals Karori on NHS 3 while Victoria registered their first competition pointholding Northern United to that team’s third draw of the season in the late game on Cello NHS 1.

Results:       Northern United 2 Victoria 2

Harbour City 5 Karori 3

Hutt United 4 Upper Hutt 3

Points          Hutt United 29, Upper Hutt 17, Harbour City 13, Northern United 10, Karori 9, Victoria 1

25 July         Upper Hutt v Harbour City at 12:30pm on Cello NHS 1

Karori v Victoria at 2:15pm on Cello NHS 1

Northern United v Hutt United at 4:00pm on Cello NHS 1




Victoria 3 belied their lowly position and scored four goals against leaders Hutt United before going down on Cello NHS 1. At Mazengarb Reserve Kapiti 1 beat Upper Hutt, while Kapiti 2 drew with the strong Victoria 2 side.  In the late game on Cello NHS 1 Harbour City retained their third placing with a good win over Karori. On Tuesday night Kapiti 2 beat Kapiti 1 on Mazengarb Reserve to move into fifth place.

Results:       Victoria 2 1 Kapiti 2 1

Hutt United 5 Victoria 3 4

Kapiti 1 3 Upper Hutt 0

Harbour City 5 Karori 2

Kapiti 2 3 Kapiti 0 (Played on 20 July to catch up from 27 June)

Points:         Hutt United 19, Victoria 2 17, Harbour City 14, Kapiti 1 11, Kapiti 2 10, Upper Hutt 7, Karori 7, Victoria 3 7

25 July         Victoria 2 v Kapiti 2 at 12:45pm on Mazengarb Reserve

Victoria 3 v Hutt United at 2:00pm on Cello NHS 1

Kapiti 1 v Upper Hutt at 3:45pm on Cello NHS 1

Harbour City v Karori at 5:30om on Cello NHS 1


Points          Tawa Titans 16, Kapiti 16, Indians 14, Victoria 4 12, Victoria 3 10, Harbour City 7, Hutt United 6, Northern United 3

24 July         Kapiti v Harbour City at 1:00pm on NHS 3

Tawa Titans v Indians at 2:00pm on Elsdon Park

Victoria 3 v Victoria 4 at 4:30pm on NHS 3

Hutt United v Northern United at 6:15pm on NHS 3


Points          Tawa Titans 23, Hutt United 13, Northern United 12, Kapiti 11, Indians 8, Victoria 7, Upper Hutt 6, Naenae 3.

Result          Kapiti 3 Northern United 2 Game from 26 June completed on 20 July

24 July         Northern United v Tawa Titans at 12:15pm on Elsdon Park

Upper Hutt v Hutt United at 2:15pm on Maidstone Park

Kapiti v Naenae at 2:45pm on NHS 3

Victoria v Indians at 4:30pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2