Open Grade Report - Week 11

July 06, 2021


Conditions were much improved on Saturday, with all games being played at NHS and plenty of goals were scored.  Indians continued to show improvement and deserved their draw with leaders Dalefield. The Wairarapa team led by a single goal three times before Indians went ahead in the third quarter, only for Marcus Ambrose to grab the equaliser five minutes from the end.  Harbour City had the better of Tawa Titans in the early game and were four goals up before Tawa got on the board in the final quarter.  Harbour scored again with three minutes to play but Tawa’s defence denied them a bonus point goal.  Hutt United played well against Victoria to earn another bonus point.  They let 3-0 at the break then scored from a penalty stroke and added a fifth with ten minutes to play.

Results        Hutt United 5 (Callum Olsen 3, Campbell Paton, Blake Randall) Victoria 0

Harbour City 5 (Rajan Dahya, Mack Smith, Liam Mortimer, Tim Matthews, Callum Slaven) Tawa Titans 1 (Simon Smith)

Dalefield 4 (Marcus Ambrose 3, Benedict van Woerkom) Indians 4 (Joshua Thuraisingham, Shayam Bhana, Sajan Patel, Sachan Dadrah)

Northern United had the bye

Points:         Dalefield 29, Harbour City 27, Hutt United 23, Indians 18*, Victoria 9*, Northern United 3*, Tawa Titans 0*

* denotes a bye. Hutt United and Northern United have a game in hand.

  8 July         Hutt United v Northern United at 7:30pm on Cello NHS 1

10 July         Indians v Harbour City at 12:30pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Dalefield v Tawa Titans at 2:15pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Northern United v Victoria at 4:00pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Hutt United have the bye


Victoria scored early against Hutt United but could not add a second as the Hutt Valley side gradually got on top.  Vic defended strongly but Hutt United continued to attack and scored their bonus point goal inside the final minute. Dalefield were relentless against Toa, scoring from the opening hit-off and they looked dangerous throughout.  Toa kept the damage to four at half-time but the second half was dominated by the visiting side, for whom Emma Smith scored four times.  The Macadre sisters scored four of Harbour City’s goals against Karori in the late game. Karori replied to Harbour’s early strike in the first quarter and it was 2-1 at half time  Harbour forced a series of penalty corners in the second spell and while Karori defended bravely they could not hold Harbour at bay and they scored their sixth goal with four minutes to play.

Results:      Dalefield 12 (Emma Smith 4, Mandy Yeo 2, Emma McLeod 2, Katherine van Woerkom, Brigette Mossman, Rosie Rooderkirk, Charlize Baron) Toa 0

Hutt United 6 (Ani Roberts 2, Jess Kelly 2, Kat Winter, Maddie Story) Karori 1 (Tessa Bartholomew)

Harbour City 6 (Estelle Macadre 2, Orianne Macadre 2, Maddie Simmonds, Victoria O’Keefe) Victoria 1 (Annika Russell)

Northern United had the bye

Points:         Hutt United 29, Harbour City 23, Dalefield 23, Northern United 16*, Victoria 7*, Toa 7*, Karori 1*

* denotes a bye

10 July         Northern United v Victoria at 12:30pm on Cello NHS 1

Dalefield v Karori at 2:15pm on Cello NHS 1

Harbour City v Toa at 4:00pm on Cello NHS 1

Hutt United have the bye


Front-runners Hutt United had another big win, this time over Victoria on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2.  Northern United did well to beat Harbour City at the same venue, while at Maidstone Park second-placed Upper Hutt were too strong for Karori.

Results:      Hutt United 8 Victoria 1

Northern United 3 Harbour City 1

Upper Hutt 5 Karori 2

Points          Hutt United 23, Upper Hutt 13, Harbour City 10, Karori 8, Northern United 8, Victoria 0

11 July         Upper Hutt v Victoria at 12:45pm on Maidstone Park

Hutt United v Harbour City at 4:00pm on NHS 3

Northern United v Karori at 5:45pm on NHS 3


Hutt United’s first loss, by a single goal to Kapiti 1 on Cello NHS 1and Kapiti 2’s earlier win by the same margin over Harbour City means there are now six teams within four points of each other from third to eighth.  Karori had deserved success over Upper Hutt at Maidstone Park, while Victoria 2 pipped Victoria 3 in the early game on Cello NHS 1 for their fourth win.

Results:       Kapiti 1 4 Hutt United 3

Kapiti 2 v Harbour City 1

Karori 4 Upper Hutt 1

Victoria 2 2 Victoria 3 1

Points:         Hutt United 13*, Victoria 2 13, Harbour City 8*, Upper Hutt 7, Kapiti 1 7*, Kapiti 2 7*, Karori 6, Victoria 3 4

                     * denotes a game in hand – to be played on 14 July

11 July         Kapiti v Karori at 11:45am on Mazengarb Reserve

Victoria 2 v Harbour City at 12:30pm on NHS 3

Kapiti 2 v Victoria 3 at 2:15pm on NHS 3

Hutt United v Upper Hutt at 2:30pm on Maidstone Park


Indians’ good win over Harbour City in the late game on NHS 3 and Kapiti’s narrow victory over high-flying Tawa Titans on Mazengarb Reserve meant Indians go to the top of the table for the first time. Victoria 4 eked out a narrow win over Hutt United on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2, and in the final game Victoria 3 were too good for Northern United, without quite being able to secure a bonus point.

Results:       Victoria 4 1 Hutt United 0

Indians 3 Harbour City 1 

Victoria 3 6 Northern United 2

Kapiti 1 Tawa Titans 0

Points          Indians 14, Tawa Titans 13, Kapiti 13, Victoria 4 12, Victoria 3 9, Hutt United 5, Harbour City 4, Northern United 3

10 July         Victoria 4 v Harbour City at 12:30pm on NHS 3

Tawa Titans v Northern United at 12:30pm on Elsdon Park

Indians v Kapiti at 2:15pm on Mazengarb Reserve

Hutt United v Victoria 3 at 2:15pm on NHS 3


Runaway leaders Tawa Titans won again but were denied a bonus point against Victoria in the late game on Cello NHS 1.  There were identical scores in the other three games as Hutt United beat Hutt Valley rivals Naenae on NHS 3 to move into third, Kapiti upset Upper Hutt at Maidstone Park, and Northern United toppled Indians in the late game on Cello NHS 1.

Results:       Tawa Titans 4 Victoria 0

Hutt United 2 Naenae 0

Kapiti 2 Upper Hutt 0

Northern United 2 v Indians 0

Points          Tawa Titans 20, Northern United 12, Hutt United 10, Indians 8, Victoria 7, Kapiti 5, Upper Hutt 3, Naenae 3, Northern United and Kapiti have a game in hand. 

10 July         Northern United v Hutt United at 12:30pm on Fraser Park

Tawa Titans v Indians at 2:15pm on Elsdon Park

Upper Hutt v Naenae at 2:15pm on Maidstone Park

Kapiti v Victoria at 4:00pm on Mazengarb Reserve