Open Grade Report - Week 6

May 26, 2021


The winning teams were the only ones to score on Saturday, with all games being rather one-sided.  Harbour City continue to lead the table after a bonus point win over Toa in the late game on Cello NHS 1.  Hutt United remain second following their bye and next come Northern United who scored three first half goals to put away Victoria with some ease.  Dalefield played with plenty of intensity in front of their home crowd at Clareville and were comfortable winners over Karori.

Results:       Dalefield 6 (Felicity Reidy 2, Katherine van Woerkom 2, Reese Robertson, Sinead Namana) Karori 0

Northern United 4 (Fiona Julian 2, Katie Fraser, Jessie Manning) Victoria 0

Harbour City 5 (Steph Mackie 2, Victoria O’Keefe, Orianna Macadre, Estelle Macadre) Toa 0

Hutt United had the bye

Points:         Harbour City 19*, Hutt United 17*, Northern United 13*, Dalefield 12, Toa 9*, Victoria 4*, Karori 3*

* denotes first round bye – three points awarded

29 May         Victoria v Karori at 1:00pm on Cello NHS 1

Harbour City v Hutt United at 2:15pm on Cello NHS 1

Northern United v Toa at 4:00pm on Cello NHS 1

Dalefield have the bye


Hutt United remain on top after their bye, but have been joined by Dalefield who were without Black Stick Dane Lett, but still grabbed their third bonus point in beating a determined Tawa Titans.  Harbour City returned from their bye full of running on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2 and handed Indians their third narrow loss in three weeks.  Harbour scored from a penalty corner just before half time and they were two goals up before Indians opened their account in the final minute of the game.

Victoria scored early against Northern United who equalised shortly afterwards and it was 1-1 after two quarters.  Vic dominated from then on for their first bonus point win.

Results        Harbour City 2 (Josh Symonds, Callum Slaven) Indians 1 (Anish Rama)

Dalefield 5 (Alex Clark, Marcus Ambrose, Jordan Cohen, Rowan Yeo, Zac Hardie) Tawa Titans 0

Victoria 6 (Rio Tuson 2, Alex Gray, Ali Birchall, Patrick Madder, Danco van Graan) Northern United 1 (Jack Boon)

Hutt United had the bye

Points:         Hutt United 18*, Dalefield 18, Harbour City 17*, Indians 10*, Northern United 6*, Victoria 8*, Tawa Titans 3*

*denotes first round bye – three points awarded

29 May         Victoria v Tawa Titans at 1:00pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Hutt United v Harbour City at 2:45pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Northern United v Indians at 4:30pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Dalefield have the bye


With all games being played at NHS Upper Hutt got up to beat Kapiti 1 and Hutt United edged out Victoria 3 in two very close games.  Kapiti 2 and Victoria 2, the top sides during the grading round, fought out an enthralling stalemate, while Karori’s woes continued as they were taken apart by Harbour City in the early game.

Results:       Upper Hutt 3 Kapiti 1 2

Hutt United 2 Victoria 3 1

Kapiti 2 2 Victoria 2 2

Harbour City 8 Karori 0

Points:         Harbour City 4, Upper Hutt 3, Hutt United 3, Victoria 2 1, Kapiti 2 1, Victoria 3 0 Karori 0, Kapiti 1 0

30 May         Kapiti v Harbour City at 11:30am on Mazengarb Reserve

                     Victoria 3 v Upper Hutt at 12:30pm on Cello NHS 1

                     Victoria 4 v Karori at 2:15pm on Cello NHS 1

                     Kapiti v Hutt United at 4:15pm on Mazengarb Reserve


This grade was unchanged for the competition round and in the early game on Cello NHS 1 Harbour City edged out Northern United after the teams had drawn 1-1 earlier in the season.  Karori then evened the ledger after earlier going down to Upper Hutt, while Hutt United averaged a goal every five minutes in overwhelming depleted Victoria.

Results:       Karori 4 Upper Hutt 2

Harbour City 3 Northern United 2

Hutt United 14 Victoria 0

Points          Hutt United 4, Karori 3, Harbour City 3, Upper Hutt 0, Northern United 0, Victoria 0

30 May         Hutt United v Harbour City at 12:30pm on NHS 3

                     Upper Hutt v Victoria at 2:15pm on NHS 3

                     Karori v Northern United at 4:00pm on NHS 3




The only change from the grading round is that Indians have been promoted from R1 at the expense of Harbour City.  They had a tough first up assignment and did very well to go down by a single goal to top side Tawa Titans on Cello NHS 1. All games were close with Victoria doing best in beating Kapiti, also on Cello NHS 1; and at Maidstone Park there were tense encounters between Upper Hutt and Naenae, and between Northern United and Hutt United.

Results:       Tawa Titans 2 Indians 1

Victoria 3 Kapiti 1 

Upper Hutt 2 Naenae 1

Northern United 2 Hutt United 1

Points          Tawa Titans 3, Northern United 3, Upper Hutt 3, Victoria 3, Indians 0,

Hutt United 0, Naenae 0, Kapiti 0

29 May         Kapiti v Naenae at 12:15pm on Mazengarb Reserve

                     Upper Hutt v Hutt United at 2:15pm on Maidstone Park 

                     Tawa Titans v Northern United at 4:30pm on NHS 3

                     Victoria v Indians at 5:45pm on Cello NHS 1


In an unchanged grade, top side Kapiti were tipped up by Indians on NHS 3, while Hutt United reversed the result of their earlier clash with Victoria 3 in the late game on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2.  Tawa Titans were again too strong for Northern United on the same turf, and Harbour City cut it fine in beating Victoria 4 on NHS 3.

Results:       Indians 3 Kapiti 1

Hutt United 2 Victoria 3 1

Tawa Titans 3 Northern United 0

Harbour City 2 Victoria 4 1

Points          Tawa Titans 3, Indians 3, Harbour City 3, Hutt United 3, Victoria 3 0, Victoria 4 0, Kapiti 0, Northern United 0

29 May         Victoria 3 v Victoria 4 at 1:00pm on NHS 3

Kapiti v Harbour City at 2:00pm on Mazengarb Reserve

Hutt United v Northern United at 2:45pm on NHS 3

Indians v Tawa Titans at 6:15pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2