Open Grade Report - Week 4

May 12, 2021

Premier Open Grade Report 8--9 May 2021


Harbour City went to the top of the table after beating Karori, with all their goals coming in the second half.  Hutt United moved into second place after a comfortable victory over Victoria.  They had led 4-0 at half-time but were kept at bay after that by strong defence and were denied a bonus point.  Nikki Anderson scored Vic’s first goal of the season.

At Clareville Dalefield took some time to get on top of Toa, and they led by just 2-0 at half-time.  After the break however, their accurate passing game came to the fore with eight further goals being scored, including a hat-trick to Felicity Reidy.

Results:       Dalefield 10 (Felicity Reidy 3, Sinead Namana 2, Brigette Mossman, Maddie Taylor, Katherine van Woerkom, Emma Smith, Mandy Yeo) Toa 0

Hutt United 4 (Whena Munn, Maddie Story, Jess Kelly, Abby Draper) Victoria 1 (Nicki Anderson)

Harbour City 3 (Kelsey Stevens 2, Charlotte Eastman) Karori 0

Northern United had the bye

Points:         Harbour City 12, Hutt United 10, Toa 9*, Dalefield 7, Northern United 6*, Karori 3*, Victoria 3*.

*denotes first round bye

15 May         Hutt United v Toa at 12:30pm on Cello NHS 1

Dalefield v Victoria at 2:30pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Northern United v Karori at 4:15pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

Harbour City have the bye


Victoria came close to toppling competition leaders Hutt United on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2.  United scored in the third quarter and Vic drew level with four minutes left but could not find the clincher.  This draw was the first of the P1 men’s season and announced Victoria as a real threat in the grade.

The anticipated clash between Indians and Dalefield at Clareville did not disappoint. Dalefield scored after just two minutes and, despite applying pressure, Indians could not level until the third quarter when they converted a penalty stroke.  The locals regained the lead just minutes later and were able to hold on for a valuable win.

Tawa Titans conceded seven goals for the third time in going down to a polished-looking Harbour City unit in the late game on Cello NHS 1.

Results        Hutt United 1 (Callum Olsen) Victoria 1 (Angus Bowmar)

Dalefield 2 (Dane Lett, Rowan Yeo) Indians 1 (Isaac Dyer)

Harbour City 7 (Josh Symonds 3, Liam Mortimer 2, Dane Hawkins, Callum Slaven) Tawa Titans 1 (Luke Cullen)

Northern United had the bye

Points:         Hutt United 12, Harbour City 11, Dalefield 10, Indians 10*, Victoria 4*, Tawa Titans 3*, Northern United 3*

*denotes first round bye

15 May         Dalefield v Victoria at 2:15pm on Cello NHS No 1

Indians v Hutt United at 4:00pm on Cello NHS 1

Northern United v Tawa Titans at 5:45pm on Cello NHS 1

Harbour City have the bye


Victoria 2 provided the upset of the cross-over games, narrowly downing previously unbeaten Hutt United on Cello NHS 1.  In the two other games on Cello NHS 1 Upper Hutt eased past Kapiti 1 while Victoria 3 made it a good day for the students by putting away Karori.  Harbour City went down at Mazengarb Reserve for the second time in eight days, this time to Kapiti 2.

Results:       Victoria 2 2 Hutt United 1

Upper Hutt 5 Kapiti 1 3

Victoria 3 5 Karori 0

Kapiti 2 3 Harbour City 0

16 May         1/2 playoff

                     Kapiti 2 v Victoria 2 at 11:15am on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

                     3/4 playoff

                     Hutt United v Harbour City at 4:00pm on Cello NHS 1

                     5/6 playoff 

                     Victoria 3 v Upper Hutt at 5:45pm on Cello NHS 1

                     7/8 playoff

                     Karori v Kapiti 1 at 11:15am on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2


Front-runners Hutt United returned to winning ways over Northern United on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2, while Upper Hutt drew their third game of the season and Harbour City their second on NHS 3.

Also on NHS 3 Karori bagged a bonus point win over Victoria, to leave them close behind Hutt United.

Results:       Harbour City 2 Upper Hutt 2

Hutt United 3 Northern United 0

Karori 8 Victoria 3

Points:         Hutt United 11, Karori 10, Upper Hutt 6, Victoria 4, Harbour City 2, Northern United 1

16 May         Upper Hutt v Northern United at 11:00am on NHS 3

                     Victoria v Harbour City at 2:15pm on NHS 3 

                     Hutt United v Karori at 3:45pm on NHS 3.


Northern United scraped into the play-off for first place with a nerve-racking shoot-out win over Hutt United on NHS 3.  They will meet Tawa Titans who conceded their first goals of the season but still beat Upper Hutt comfortably enough at Elsdon Park.  Kapiti at home pipped Harbour City for their first win, and they will play Naenae who overcame Victoria on NHS 3.

Results:       Northern United 8 Hutt United 7 (FT 2-2, decided by shoot-out)

Tawa Titans 5 Upper Hutt 2

Kapiti 1 Harbour City 0

Naenae 2 Victoria 0

15 May         1/2 playoff

Tawa Titans v Northern United at 12:30pm on Elsdon Park 

3/4 playoff

Hutt United v Upper Hutt at 4:00pm on Maidstone Park No 1

5/6 playoff

Kapiti v Naenae at 12:15pm on Mazengarb Reserve

7/8 playoff

Harbour City v Victoria at 2:45 on NHS 3


Kapiti continued their unbeaten run with a hard-fought victory over Indians on Mazengarb Reserve.  They will play-off for first and second against Victoria 3 who beat Tawa Titans by the closest of margins on NHS 3.  Harbour City consigned Northern United to their fourth loss and they will play-off for fifth with Hutt United who had their their first win of the season over Victoria 4 on McDonald’s Newtown NHS No 2.

Results:       Kapiti 3 Indians 2

Harbour City 4 Northern United 0

Hutt United 2 Victoria 4 1

Victoria 3 1 Tawa Titans 0

15 May         1/2 playoff 

                     Victoria 3 v Kapiti at 12:45pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS No 2

3/4 playoff

Tawa Titans v Indians at 4:15pm on NHS 3

5/6 playoff

Hutt United v Harbour City at 1:00pm on NHS 3

7/8 playoff

Victoria 4 v Northern United at 6:00pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS No 2