Open Grade Report - Week 2

April 22, 2021

Premier Report – 17/18 April 2021

Most games were closely contested with just a couple of blow-outs in round 2 of the Premier competitions last weekend.  There are no games this week because of the long ANZAC weekend.  Below are reports on games in each of the Premier grades.


Toa retains a share of the lead after pipping Karori in the late game on Cello NHS 1 for their second win of the season.  Northern United provided the upset of the day being 3-0 up at half-time then withstanding plenty of pressure to down powerful Hutt United.  Hutt captain Ani Roberts missed the game as she was playing in the Hockey NZ North-South series at Hamilton.  Last season’s champions Dalefield suffered their second loss of 2021, going down to Harbour City in an entertaining encounter at Clareville.

Results:       Northern United 3 (Finella Sweeney, Fiona Julian, Sophie Macadre)

Hutt United 2 (Whena Munn, Laura Jurgeleit)

Harbour City 5 (Victoria O’Keefe 2, Grace Nancarrow, Brittany Calder, Estelle Macadre) Dalefield 3 (Brigette Mossman, Kayleigh-Rose Rooderkirk, Charlize Baron)

Toa 2 (Ashleigh Hill, Phoenix O’Gorman) Karori 1 (Anita Patel)

Victoria had the bye

Points:         Toa 6, Harbour City 6, Hutt United 3, Northern United 3, Karori 3*, Victoria 3*, Dalefield 0.

*denotes first round bye

1 May           Victoria v Harbour City at 12:45pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS No 2

Northern United v Dalefield at 2:30pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS No 2

Karori v Hutt United at 4:15pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS No 2

Toa have the bye


Penalty corner specialist Callum Olsen netted four times for Hutt United who were at their fluent best in seeing off Northern United for a second win this season.  Playing through champions Dalefield, missing the influential Dane Lett who was playing in Hamilton, got on the board with a gritty win over Harbour City at Clareville; while promoted Tawa Titans were 5-0 down to Indians at half-time in the early game, but adjusted well after the break to limit the damage.


Hutt United 7 (Callum Olsen 4, Jack Rider, Jimmy Cavanaugh, Ethan Kerruish) Northern United 1 (Jack Boon)

Dalefield 2 (Marcus Ambrose, Rowan Yeo) Harbour City 1 (Callum Slaven)

Indians 7 (Hiren Mani 2, Tom Pavitt, Paresh Dayal, Isaac Dyer, Olly Syme, Marco Brown) Tawa Titans 0

Victoria had the bye

Points:         Hutt United 7, Indians 7, Harbour City 3, Tawa Titans 3*, Victoria 3*, Dalefield 3, Northern United 0

*denotes first round bye

1 May           Harbour City v Victoria at 12:30pm on Cello NHS 1

Dalefield v Northern United at 2:15pm on Cello NHS 1

Tawa Titans v Hutt United at 4:00pm on Cello NHS 1

Indians have the bye


Victoria 2 and Victoria 3 both bounced back after first round losses with wins over Upper Hutt at Maidstone Park and over Kapiti 1 on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2 respectively.  Early competition leaders Hutt United had a narrow second win over Harbour City, while Kapiti 2 was too strong for Karori at Mazengarb Reserve.

Results:       Victoria 2 4 Upper Hutt 3

Hutt United 3 Harbour City 2

Victoria 3 3 Kapiti 1 2

Kapiti 2 4 Karori 0

Points:         Hutt United 7, Kapiti 2 6, Harbour City 3, Upper Hutt 3, Victoria 2 3, Victoria 3 3, Kapiti 1 0, Karori 0

2 May           Kapiti 2 v Karori at 11:30am on Mazengarb Reserve.

                     Victoria 3 v Kapiti 1 at 1:00pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

                     Hutt United v Harbour City at 2:30pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2

                     Upper Hutt v Victoria 2 at 2:30pm on Maidstone Park


All three games were tightly contested on Sunday as Upper Hutt drew with Victoria 2 at Maidstone Park and Hutt United shared the spoils with Harbour City at Fraser Park.  Karori eventually overcame Northern United for their first win of the season.

Results:       Upper Hutt 2 Victoria 2

Karori 3 Northern United 1

Hutt United 1 Harbour City 1

Points:         Hutt United 5, Upper Hutt 4, Karori 3, Harbour City 2, Northern United 1, Victoria 1

2 May           Karori v Northern United at 11:15am on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2 

                     Hutt United v Harbour City at 12:45pm on Fraser Park

                     Upper Hutt v Victoria at 12:45pm on Maidstone Park


Three of the games were won by decisive margins with Northern United powering past Upper Hutt, Victoria 4 having much the better of Kapiti at Mazengarb Reserve and Tawa Titans overcoming Naenae on Cello NHS 1.  The closest game saw Hutt United sneak past first round winners Harbour City on NHS 3.

Results:       Northern United 5 Upper Hutt 1

Victoria 4 Kapiti 0

Hutt United 2 Harbour City 1

Tawa Titans 3 Naenae 0

Points:         Northern United 6, Tawa Titans 6, Harbour City 3, Upper Hutt 3, Hutt United 3, Victoria 3, Kapiti 0, Naenae 0

1 May           Tawa Titans v Naenae at 12:30pm on Cello NHS 1

                     Hutt United v Harbour City at 1:00pm on NHS 3

                     Victoria v Kapiti at 2:15pm on Mazengarb Reserve

                     Upper Hutt v Northern United at 2:30pm on McDonald’s Newtown NHS 2


Victoria 4 had their second win, beating an improved Northern United; and Kapiti did the same in heading off first round winners Victoria 3.  Tawa Titans could not repeat their winning deeds of a week ago, going down narrowly to Indians; while Harbour City had their first win, over Hutt United on Cello NHS 1.

Results:       Indians 2 Tawa Titans 1

Harbour City 2 Hutt United 0

Victoria 4 3 Northern United 0

Kapiti 4 Victoria 3 3

Points:          Victoria 4 6, Kapiti 6, Tawa Titans 4, Victoria 3 3, Indians 3, Harbour City 3, Hutt United 0, Northern United 0

1 May            Kapiti v Victoria 3 at 12:30pm on Mazengarb Reserve

                      Victoria 4 v Northern United at 4:15pm on NHS 3

                      Hutt United v Harbour City at 5:45pm on Cello NHS 1

                      Tawa Titans v Indians at 6:00pm on NHS 3