WHA Development Coach Applications

February 19, 2021

After a disrupted year in 2020, WHA is excited to open applications for coaches to be involved in our In Season Development Programme for 2021 at U13 & U15 level.

WHA were able to launch the new model as we head into a new era focusing on individual development journeys in an environment that supports holistic development at an appropriate age and stage. This same approach applies to our coaches and the model supports the grow in the four key pillars of the WHA Coaching Philosophy. 

- Holistic development

- Interpersonal skills

- Intrapersonal skills

- Sport specific skills

For specific Job Descriptions and application process information refer to the WHA website  - https://wellingtonhockey.org.nz/content_page/10059335/

Any questions or for further information please contact Bjorn Dix, Community & Development Officer - bjorn@wellingtonhokcey.org.nz