Dealing with Change – Handling Covid-19

March 26, 2020


During periods of change or uncertainty it is important you focus on the areas that support your wellbeing. Coronavirus will have had an obvious impact on your academics, sport, family and life; you can’t control the hand that has been dealt to you but it is your choice how you play that hand.


1. Control the Controllables


Focus your time and energy on those things that matter most to you and that you can have some influence over – take care of and stay connected to those people most important to you, eat well, sleep well, hygiene, be diligent around your training and study etc.


2. Maintain Normality and Routines


Your life is built around predictable routines (school, sport, meals etc) – as much as possible maintain these and have purpose in each hour of the day - treat your study like a school day, schedule your training each day, allocate time for relaxing etc. You will need to be adaptable at this time.


3. Stay in the Present


Keep your attention on the tasks in front of you, it will be natural to drift into the past or the future – bring your mind back to the now and what you can do in this moment. Be mindful of the media and spending too much time following this – it is typically negative and tends to hype situations.


4. Support Networks


Be clear on who can best support you and keep that team of people tight and connected with you through this period, identify what you need and know where you can get that.


5. Happiness


Identify what makes you happy and intentionally incorporate this into your day – people, activities, hobbies etc. Keep perspective and know that your health is the most important thing right now.


“When the storm hits, the boats in the harbour drop anchor. If they don’t, they get swept out to sea”. Dropping the anchor does not make the storm go away, but it does keep the boat steady until the storm passes. You can anchor yourself by focusing on the controllables, routines, present moment, support networks, and your individual happiness.