March 20, 2020

All hockey in the Wellington region is postponed until Saturday 2nd May. The closure includes all competition matches, trainings, programmes, pre-season trials, group and casual activities. Turfs closed include National Hockey Stadium (NHS), Elsdon, Fraser Park, Maidstone and Kapiti.

WHA staff will continue business as usual from their respective homes keeping our NHS office closed till 2nd May.

Please feel free to contact the following if you have any queries/questions:

Lisa Jones | CEO

Please contact the CEO for all matters relating to WHA facilities.

Sandeep | General enquiries, Turf bookings, Open Grade and Summer competitions

Bjorn Dix | Development, Secondary and Primary competitions

Cat Gooding | Community Hockey

Dane Lett | U18, Senior Hockey and Coaching


Sue Parrott | Admin and Finance

In case of any urgent enquiry, you may contact Lisa Jones, CEO at 027 3554909

WHA Team