Capital U21 Off Season Programme

October 01, 2018

Capital U21 Off Season Programme

Capital Hockey will be once again delivering an off season programme targeted at our U21 athletes in preparation for National Tournament in 2019. With the U21 campaign kicking off in January, we want to engage a wide group of interested athletes now and begin the development process early so we are in a good position come January. This programme is a great opportunity for all athletes to upskill and receive quality coaching during this period. 

Any local athletes interested in Capital U21s in 2019 are expected to be involved. 

See below the key details: 

Purpose – provide comprehensive off season training programme, early preparation for 2018 campaign, build depth, increase skill level and physical baseline.

Focus – technical basics, physical foundation, tactical awareness

Athletes – any 2018 U21 eligible players - birth year 1998/99/2000

Coaches – Hemant Lala, Daan Jongejan, Bjorn Dix

Sessions – Monday/Thursdays 6-7.30pm 

Date – 2x 4 week blocks - the blocks are scheduled around the university calender and this system will enable athletes who are moving away or coming back to Wellington to still be involved

  • 15 October – 8 November 
  • 19 November – 13 December 

Cost - We must apply a minimal cost to cover the essential expenses (turf, coaches etc), it works out to be about $3/session

  • $50 for both blocks 
  • $30 for one block

Any athletes within the relevant age group are welcome to be involved, irrespective of future plans to play for Capital or another Region.  

Registrations close 11th October and more information will be sent to those registered on Friday 12th October. Register via the following link: 


If you are interested in playing for Capital U21s in 2019 but are unavailable for this programme (out of the Region), please inform Capital Hockey Talent and Performance Lead Dane Lett -