Turf Site Plans

With a limit to the number of visitors we can accommodate at any given facility under level 2,  we have divided our turfs at the National Hockey Stadium into separate venues. It is vital to our operations under level 2 that individuals stay at the turf they are playing on and refrain from crossing boundaries to visit other turfs. Each turf will be given a designated entry and exit point and traveling between turfs will not be allowed. We have made changes to our level 2 operations and facility site maps and ask individuals intending to visit to familiarize themselves with the updated site maps, entry and exit points and parking zones before they come to the turfs. Upon arrival teams are to congregate inside their designated zones while spectators and parents are to leave and stand in spectator zones.

Keep up to date with the layout of out facilities with the site plans below

Elsdon Site Plan.pdf

Kapiti Turf & Pavilion Site Plan.pdf

Maidstone Site Plan.pdf

Fraser Park Site Plan.pdf

NHS1 Site Plan.pdf

NHS2 Site Plan.pdf

NHS3 Site Plan.pdf

NHS Carpark Plan.pdf

To ensure the safety of our community we ask that visitors also adhere to the following rules when visiting any of our facilities:

  • Please practice physical distancing where possible
  • If you are feeling unwell, please stay home
  • Masks are now a requirement to entry and must be worn when not playing
  • Scanning into all facilities using the Covid Tracer App is now a condition for entry
  • Regularly wash and sanitize hands
  • Follow all posted signage
  • Do not wander between turfs
  • Enter and exit each turf through designated points and park in designated areas
  • Do not share any equipment including face masks and hockey sticks
  • Gathering sizes at each turf are restricted to 100 people
  • Players must arrive and leave the facilities in a timely manner