Umpire Performance Squad

Wellington Hockey is excited to announce the formation of an Umpires Performance Squad that will wrap quality support around our local umpires, helping to build capability. The newly formed Umpire Performance Squad is a pool of umpires who will be appointed to Open Grade P1 & P2 games on a weekly basis. This group of umpires will be capped at a maximum 16 female and 16 male umpires per season.


To create a high functioning group of umpires capable of umpiring the highest level of our local Open Grade competition in an effective and professional way. Setting high standards locally will give these umpires the best possible opportunity to perform when attending Hockey NZ Tournaments.

Squad Overview:

The squad will operate as a collective and work together in a collaborative and supportive environment to help each individual grow and develop, fulfilling their potential in their umpiring journey. A high level of professionalism will be expected and a focus on performance and understanding what it takes to consistently perform will be key. Umpires will be supported with Personal Development Plans (PDPs) which will form an important part of their ongoing development and progression. An umpire’s PDP will help guide the support they require throughout the season, both on and off the turf. They will also be shared with Hockey NZ appointed Umpire Managers if an umpire is attending a Hockey NZ Tournament.

Locally, formal mentoring will be available with mentors being sort, supported and developed to ensure a positive and appropriate learning model is being used to support an umpire’s development. We will also encourage informal mentoring, peer to peer learning as another development tool.

External resources will also be explored in way of workshops or presentations to aid both on and off turf development.

For a working document on the Umpire Performance Squad, please click HERE

To apply to be involved in the Performance Squad click HERE