Umpires Council


To support Wellington Hockey in the continued growth and development of Umpires and Officials in the association, ensuring a community perspective is provided on issues and opportunities relating directly to Umpires and Officials.  

Key Responsibilities:

-    Attend and actively participate in Council meetings

-    Bring Hockey issues and opportunities to the Umpires Council 

-    Assist WHA to canvas the views of the wider Umpires & Officials Hockey community 

-    Support WHA decisions and maintain a positive, solution focussed approach

-    Advocate for and on behalf of all Umpire & Officials and support opportunities for Umpires & Officials to participate in Hockey 

-    Advise and input into Umpires & Officials programmes run by WHA

Wellington Hockey is seeking expressions of interest in joining the Umpires Council. WHA is looking to commence the 2021 season with a freshly appointed Council, ready to assist WHA lead positive change in the Umpire & Officials community. Existing members of the Umpire Council are welcome to seek reappointment. The Umpire Council Terms of Reference have been updated to reflect the operating responsibilities of the Council. For a copy of the Terms of Reference please click below.

To apply please click here and complete the registration process