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WHA Masters Advisory Council

Name: Nev Parker

Nickname: To my Wellington M60 team mates - “Statler” (one of the two old men hecklers from the muppets)

Region You Grew Up In: Wairarapa

Where you currently live: Skinny house on the side of Mount Vic

Occupation:  I’m a partner in a design and architecture business 

Which Hockey team do you support: I currently play for YW/Petone but I support all hockey teams. I particularly like the way Masters works - with players happily playing for whatever teams needs the numbers. that’s community hockey at its best.

Sporting High: M60 gold 2020 and Rankin Cup win 1974 (if I’m allowed to go back that far)

Sporting Low: Early rep career ending injury 1977

Age you first got involved in Hockey: 8

Most Influential person: I’m at the age where my children have a great deal of influence about how I think about things

Hobbies: driving my tractor (1959 Massey Fergusson 3.3litre Perkins diesel)

Favourite Food: I’d like to perfect Paella before Alzheimer’s kicks in and I forget the ingredients

Favourite Music: Womad is pretty good for an introduction to new world music.

Name: Leah Murphy

Nickname: I don’t have one…. that I know about anyway

Town You Grew Up In:  Upper Hutt

Where you currently live: Upper Hutt

Occupation:  Legal Executive

Which Hockey team do you support:  Argentina – they are always so passionate and are hard not to watch.  I also love watching the Dutch teams they are so fast and can turn defence into attack so quickly

Sporting High: I have a couple – winning a bronze medal at the World Cup in Canberra and winning a gold medal in the 35s master’s tournament in Auckland in extra time

Sporting Low: Losing a Trans-Tasman gold medal in Whangarei 

Age you first got involved in Hockey: 6 – I started out playing cricket and embarrassed my dad, so mum took me to hockey

Most Influential person: Sir Alex Ferguson

Hobbies: I love exercising and trail running – are they hobbies?

Favourite TV Show: Would have to be Suits – it’s so glam and so unlike law firms

Favourite Food: Would have to involve Venison

Favourite Music: I love old school tunes, something with a good beat – I’m terrible at singing but I’ll give anything a crack.

Name: Vicki Collins

Nickname: Princess - Not entirely sure why!

Town You Grew Up In:  Gold Coast, Australia

Where you currently live: Upper Hutt

Occupation: Self-Employed, Director of Real Estate and Property Management Company

Which Hockey team do you support:  Australia - they have a "never say die" (wee bit of mongrel in them) attitude.  Dutch - stunning skills and an amazing coach

Sporting High: Have to say winning the Master World Cup in England - 2012 (Beat Aussie, Whoops)

Sporting Low: Breaking a bone 2 days before heading to first World Cup in 2008

Age you first got involved in Hockey: 13

Most Influential person: Richard Branson, Alyson Annan

Hobbies: Time with my 10 Grandkids, travel

Favourite TV Show: Don't really have one

Favourite Food: Anything Nadia Lim suggests:)

Favourite Music: A bit of everything, depends on the mood. Pink before a game is always a good motivator

Name: Ben Everist

Nickname: Benny 

Town You Grew Up In:  Kyabram, Victoria, Australia

Where you currently live: Island Bay

Occupation: Real Estate agent

Which Hockey team do you support:  Depending on who plays who; Australia, Netherlands, Black Sticks

Sporting High: Winning the State Championship in NSW when I was 15 and being selected for NZ Masters

Sporting Low: Losing the grand final when I was a junior

Age you first got involved in Hockey: When I was in nappies

Most Influential person: Steve Jobs in business and Ken Wark in hockey

Hobbies: Watching the Melbourne Demons/AFL

Favourite TV Show: The Killing was the last series I really enjoyed

Favourite Food: Anything Italian or a Medium-Rare Steak

Favourite Music: I like all types of music depending on the occasion - Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine, Debussy, Chopin, Miles Davis, Wynton Marsalis Powderfinger, Missy Higgins and the list could go on...

Name: Rachel Lilley


Town You Grew Up In:  

Where you currently live: 


Which Hockey team do you support: 

Sporting High: 

Sporting Low: 

Age you first got involved in Hockey: 

Most Influential person: 


Favourite TV Show: 

Favourite Food: 

Favourite Music:

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