Covid Update

Update 20-8-20

Dear Hockey Community,

Thank you to all of you who followed the instructions we sent out last week regarding what we need to do to operate safely under Alert Level 2.

I spent a few hours at NHS on Saturday and there was certainly a lot of happy children playing Hockey, helped by the sunshine of course, and some relaxed parents sitting on the banks and seats around the stadium.

I want to update you on a slight change in regards to spectators as we go into Week 2 under Alert Level 2.

Junior Hockey – same restriction as last week, one adult per child, please remember to enter and exit the turfs promptly and observe social distancing.

College Hockey – same restriction as last week, no spectators at any games. This is a rule put in place by College Sport with the support of all colleges and WHA.

Open Grade Hockey – this week we will allow spectators to open grade games but ask everyone to please observe the following.

If you are a SPECTATOR at an open grade game, please leave the turf immediately after the game finishes. If you are waiting for a player please do so in your car.

If you are a SPECTATOR at an open grade game, please remain in your car until the game you have come to watch is ready to start.

The reason we ask for this is to eliminate too many people congregating at the entrance and exit points pushing us over the 100 person limit.

We really need the community to support us with this, and take care when you are at any of our facilities to keep your distance from others.

Lastly, don’t forget to use your contact tracing app and please don’t come to Hockey if you are sick!!!

Have a great weekend.

Lisa Jones

CEO, Wellington Hockey

Update 13-8-20

Dear Hockey Community,

Further to my message yesterday, I just want to update you all on where things are currently at Wellington Hockey going into the weekend under Alert Level 2.

At this stage we still intend to run a full round of competitions with a few restrictions at our facilities.

I can’t stress enough how important it is that people follow the information below, if we don’t do this properly we put our ability to continue providing Hockey in jeopardy.

We are allowed a maximum of 100 people at each individual turf. As a result of this, and to ensure we can comply, unfortunately it has been necessary to put the following restrictions in place for spectators.

  • Primary Hockey games – limited to one accompanying adult per player
  • Secondary School games – no spectators (as per the College Sport directive)
  • Open Grade games – no spectators

As well as the above, can we also please ask the following:

  • Please follow the signage that will be up at the turfs, particularly around entry and exit points onto the turfs themselves. They are there to minimise the amount of people in one area at any given time
  • Please follow any instructions that may be given by WHA staff, including the custodians at each turf.
  • Make sure you follow the social distancing rules as much as is practicable.
  • We will have hand sanitiser available at every turf. Please make sure you use it before and after your games.
  • If you are unwell, please don’t come to Hockey!
  • Please ensure you use one of the contact tracing apps that are available at each turf
  • Do not share any equipment, including face masks
  • Changing rooms will be open for seniors only.
  • At this stage the Pavilion will be open with social distancing measures put in place, but this will be monitored over the weekend.
  • For further information on any of this, please have a look at our website and check out the Covid-19 tab.

Lastly if we do go to Level 3 prior to your game (at any stage throughout the weekend), we will try and update our social media platforms as soon as possible, but for avoidance of doubt if that does occur, all games are immediately cancelled.

Thanks for your patience as we put all of this together and if you have any questions please let us know.


CEO, Wellington Hockey

Update 12-8-20

Dear Hockey Community,

The announcement from the government last night has obviously changed things for the immediate future for us all.

We will be reinstating our Level 2 (COVID 19 Level 2) controls at all our venues effective immediately.

We will be sending out further information shortly, and please be patient as we work to get our signage up again and put the necessary controls in place.

We have an amazing community and our thoughts are with everyone who is impacted by these new developments.

We will be in touch again before the weekend.

Lisa Jones

CEO, Wellington Hockey

WHA COVID – 19 Risk Assessment and Control Plan - Covid Risk Assesment as at 13th Aug 2020.pdf