WHA has clear plans in place with regard to the cleaning and hygiene of our venues. We will ensure our amenities at our venues will be regularly cleaned and disinfected. Some key considerations around individual hygiene are below;

Hand washing protocols

As emphasised by all key organisations our most important collective defense against Covid-19 is good hygiene practices. All participants are encouraged to wash their hands before and after hockey activities. Individuals and teams may wish to include hand sanitizer as part of their kit.


A sport/hockey specific aspect of personal hygiene for all participants will be mouthguards. It is important for H&S that players wear mouthguards however, in-line with public health recommendations players should refrain from repeatedly taking this in and out of their mouths as continual touching of your face increases the chance of infection. 

High 5’s/Handshakes

We all know that these are no longer socially acceptable. However, acknowledging our teammates and opponents is an important part of our sport. As such we would like to promote the “hockey handshake” as per the following link. I know many do this already but let’s get it out there.



Spitting is a practice that unfortunately occurs in our sport and must stop as it poses a significant risk to other participants. Hockey NZ are proposing rule changes to target this.

protect yourself against covid19