Kapiti Turf

Kapiti Community Recreational Turf Trust have developed their own health and safety plan for their venue. Please see the document below and familiarise yourself with all the requirements involved with accessing the turf. They ask all visiting teams to be patient and not arrive too early. You must fill in the Wellington hockey contact tracing online forms and just denote that your game is being played in Kapiti.

A maximum of x100 persons will be allowed to access the Kapiti Sports Turf and Pavilion facility at any one time. This includes all players, staff, team management and spectators. Once the 100 person limit has been met, access to the facility will be prohibited until space is freed up by anyone departing. Current social distancing rules apply, with limited seats and standing points identified

They will where possible be opening the café and pavilion. Toilets are open but the changing rooms and dug outs will require teams to pre-clean if they want to use them. All directions and cleaning items are supplied. Please bring water bottles filled up as you cannot use the taps.

We request that you read the document for full details including entry requirements

Kapiti Turf (LEVEL 2) Covid-19 Alert Level 2 17.8.20 x100 person limit Protocol.pdf