National Hockey Stadium

With the National Hockey Stadium (NHS) being a multi turf venue, WHA has developed an overall venue plan that will help keep users safe as they enter and exit the venue. The carparking plan, with designated parking areas for each turf, drop off and pick up zones, especially helpful for parents picking up their children, have been designed with your safety in mind, and to assist with physical distancing of user groups. Please look over the NHS carparking plan prior to attending NHS and have a clear plan in place.

All teams will be advised by WHA, whether they are team A or Team B on the training schedule. Please seek further clarification if you are unsure from you team coach or manager before arriving at the venue.

Please familiarize yourself with the specific expectations around entry and exiting the various turfs at NHS and adhere to recommended guidelines and procedures.

Carpark Plan NHS.pdf


NHS 1 Site Plan.pdf

NHS 2 Site Plan.pdf

NHS 3 Site Plan.pdf