WHA Summer Programme

Formerly known as Development CAPs, we have reshaped this programme to a specific hockey focus (technical/tactical) that we feel is critical for our athletes. The aim is to develop of wider group of identified athletes that have the potential and aspiration to play for Wellington, providing regular contact with high level coaching.

  • 6 week pre season training block starting 10 February and finishing 18 March
  • Sessions Monday and Wednesday 6.30-8pm
  • Selection group of up to 40 athletes (total) – selection made by 13 December based on 2019 information from coaches and WHA staff
  • Cost - $250 per player
  • Selection event for 2020 EXTEND Squad

Note: At U15 level, we philosophically support athlete involvement in a summer sport outside of hockey, we can work around any clashes and ensure the athlete is supported and gets what they need.