National Masters

Wellington representative teams participate in the National Masters Tournament every year. The 2020 tournament will be held in Christchurch from the 23-29 February 2020. This is New Zealand’s largest domestic hockey tournament on the hockey calendar.

Masters players participate in grades set up to 5 year increments from 35s through to 65s for both Women and Men. To qualify for an age grade bracket, you need to at the required minimum age sometime during the calendar year of the tournament.

National Masters Tournament - Teams/Squads Selection

The following players and team management have been confirmed to attend the National Masters Tournament. Best of luck in your preparations.

Wellington 35s Women

Ana May Gunsell

Daina Ratana

Jessica Terry

Jo Martin

Keryn Allan

Kristina Strang

Leah Murphy

Marnie Taylor

Molly Powers

Olivia Aring

Pip Henwood

Rachel Lilley

Stephanie Weller

Tammlyn Bagnall

Trish Ross

Vicki Collins

Non-travelling reserves

Andrea Bonora

Carley Frederickson

Erin Muxlow

Kirsten Asher

Coach - Leah Murphy

Manager - Jane Hirst

Wellington 50s Women

Ann Hudig

Clare MacMurray

Di Jordan

Fiona Lennon

Gail Donaldson

Jackie Nuthall

Jan McKenzie

Jill Mercer

Lou Westerkamp

Maureen Williams

Melanie Saunders

Nicki Sayers

Paula Attrill

Rachel Prince

Sue Gall

Tonia Haskell

Non-travelling reserves

Carolyn Thomson

Helen Pihema

Kathryn Dron

Kathy Wolfe

Leanne Dawson

Lynnaire Stock

Coach - Nicky Sherriff

Manager - Viv Dyhrberg

Wellington 35s Men

Allister McIntyre

Andrew Herrick

Ben Everist

Jamie Cavanaugh

Jonny Lusby

Lee Patton

Matt Ramsay

Nathan Croad

Phillip Brandt

Rahul Watson Govindan

Robbie Burgess

Sam Ros

Sam Valentine

Scott Barnett

Stephen Dickson

Stewart Robertson

Coach - Bill Tomkins

Manager - Chantz Wilson Harding

Wellington 40s Men

Andrew Martin

Ben Egerton

Bruce Irwin

Caine Henwood

Dave Murray

Desmond Taumata

Hemant Lala

Jason Eade

Phil Anderson

Robert Gelling

Robert McIntyre

Sam Jones

Shaun Workman

Will Pickney

4 x TBA

Coach - Allan Saunders

Manager - TBA

Wellington 45s Men

Aaron Clulow

Aaron Murray

Casey Nolan

Dave Excell

Dave Timbs

Jason Neilson

Jason Parry

John Bowmar

Kelvin Giles

Mike Lean

Mike Parry

Mike Waterman

Rithy Pho

3 x TBA

Coach - Kelvin Giles

Manager - Jason Parry

Wellington 50s Men

Adrian Lobb

Alan Register

Andy Wilson

Anthony Messenger

Graham Henderson

Grant Boyd

Jeff Woolford

Mark Wright

Marx Wood

Matthew Lawrence

Michael Seymour

Murray Jones

4 x TBA

Coach - Alan Register

Manager - TBA

Wellington 55s Men

Arthur Mahon

Duncan Lints

Grant Hunt

Jeff Sarjeant

Jono Mackey

Mark Goodin

Mike Davis

Peter Saunders

Prakesh Jeram

Richard Calkin

Rob Hamlin

Ross Manning

Roy Noble

3 x TBA

Coach - Grant Hunt

Manager - Arthur Mahon

Wellington 60s Men

Ed Rafferty

Sheldon Bruce

Dave Wilson

Kelvin Read

Chuni Bhikha

Nev Parker

Peter Thomas

Adrian Straayer

Rob Clay

Hus Bhikha

Dave Ackroyd

Bill Miles

Grant Bird

Graham Balfour

2 x TBA

Co-Coaches - Kelvin Read/Chuni Bhikha

Co-Managers - Ed Rafferty/Nev Parker

Wellington 65s Men

To be confirmed

Trials & Selections

Selection Policy

To be eligible to be selected for any team in the current representative season you must satisfy the following criteria:

    1.    Be registered through the available online process:

    2.    Be a financial player and have played in any of the following:

    a) Wellington Open Grade Competition for 2019; or

    b) Wellington Local Masters Competition for 2019; or

    c) Attended any of the pre-season training clinics; or

    d) Attendance at any or all of the trials listed for 2019.

The selection criteria also covers and is not limited to WHA and the Wellington Masters Advisory Council selecting from either local players, guest players or international players provided they fall within the above criteria.

The principle is that selected players will play in their respective age groups, however WHA and the Wellington Masters Advisory Council will determine the teams to be entered in the age categories based on participant registration and in the best interests of the participants. In some instances, this may result in some players playing out of their age group. Should a player wish to apply for dispensation to play out of an age category, they may do so by sending an email to the Wellington Hockey Masters Council for consideration. The interests of the player and team will be fully considered by the Wellington Masters Advisory Council in reaching a decision.

WHA and the Wellington Masters Advisory Council will provide independent selectors, and their decision along with the coaches will be full and final and in the bests interests of the Association and participants.

WHA and the Wellington Masters Advisory Council have decided to have extended training squads to allow for injury management and better training environments and future development. Players could be selected in the training squad as a non-travelling reserve, this means they would not be expected to travel to tournament unless they are asked to replace another player through injury.

WHA and the Wellington Masters Advisory Council recognise that masters participants may not have age representations in their home associations.WHA aims to provide a pathway for these participants to obtain selection by following the above criteria.

If for any reason a player is not selected by Wellington, that player is then able to approach other regional teams for selection. However, they must first be financial with WHA and the necessary player transfer forms must be completed by the player for approval by WHA and the Wellington Masters Advisory Council.

Any player wanting to be considered for selection and is unable to satisfy the above criteria is able to email the Wellington Masters Advisory Council for consideration on a case by case basis.

Key Dates

2020 National Masters Tournament

23-29 February at Ngā Puna Wai and Nunweek Park Christchurch

Useful Information

Want to Email the Wellington Masters Advisory Council? 

Keep up with everything Masters on the Wellington Masters Facebook Group and the Hockey New Zealand Masters Group