Capital Accelerator Programme

Capital Accelerator Programme (CAPs) 

Capital Hockey is committed to getting our athlete pathway programmes to the highest standard to enable Capital success on the National stage and to further produce NZ representatives. The CAPs programmes will expose athletes to quality coaching in an athlete centred learning environment, providing the required tools to enable athletes to continually develop and reach their potential. CAPs has three different levels to appropriately service the different stages and ages of the athlete pathway from talent development to high performance.

Development CAPs

  • U15 aged players
  • 30 athletes total
  • Talent identification/development
  • Learning to train phase
  • Pre season 7 week training block - 2x contact sessions/week
  • 4x entry level athlete workshops
  • Foundation movement competency screening completed

Junior CAPs

  • U18 aged players
  • 25 athletes total
  • Talent development/confirmation
  • Training to train phase
  • Pre season 8 week training block – 2x contact sessions/week
  • 6x athlete workshops through Sport Wellington
  • Individual Performance Plans (IPP)
  • Movement analysis and testing completed
  • Strength and conditioning prorgammes

Senior CAPs

  • U21/NHL aged players
  • >15 athletes total
  • Performance/high performance
  • Training to perform phase
  • Full season programme with regular contact sessions – periodised around the National/International calender
  • Individual Performance Plans (IPP) – in consultation with National coaches
  • Strength and conditioning programmes – HPSNZ for carded athletes, Synergy Health and Fitness for non-carded athletes
  • Individual athlete support where required – nutrition, psychology etc