Masters 2019

National Masters

Wellington representative teams participate in the national masters tournament every year.  We are fielding 6 men’s teams and 2 women’s teams for the upcoming national tournament in Hamilton 3rd to 9th March 2019.

Masters players participate in grades set up to 5 year increments from 35 through to 65 for both women and men.  To qualify for an age grade bracket, you need to at the required minimum age sometime during the calendar year of the tournament.

Automatic qualification:

Qualification is automatic through having played in the wellington open grade competition during winter 2018 and/or played in the summer masters competition 2018.

Wellington Masters Hockey realise that some out of region Masters participants do not have their age representation in home associations, if they even have a team at all.  Wellington provides an eligibility pathway for these participants for selection through participation in our Masters summer competition or playing in the team selection trial.  All out of region eligible players will be required to complete the guest player form before participation at national tournament).

Selection Policy

Trials were held for the men’s teams on Sunday 18th November and for the women’s teams on Sunday 25th November.

Teams have been selected from players participating at the trials and/or during summer masters – plus in some circumstances, when distance does not permit participation in either, selection based on previous form for Wellington teams (this applies to players from previous years that are based in Australia or Otago for instance). Team selectors moderated selections as a group.

If selectorial negotiation fails, WHA review and decision will prevail.

Any available Wellington player not selected is free to approach other regional teams for selection.



COACH:         Leah Murphy
MANAGER:   Jane Hirst

Ana May Gunsell
Andrea Bonora
Carley Frederickson
Charlotte Gray
Daina Ratana
Erin Muxlow
Jessica Terry
Jo Jenkins
Leah Murphy
Lindy Strickland
Margie Joubert
Marnie Taylor
Rachel Lilley
Sandra Cooper
Stephanie Weller
Tamlynn Bagnall


COACH:         Nicky Sherriff

Clare MacMurray
Di Jordan
Fiona Lennon
Gail Donaldson
Jackie Workman
Jan McKenzie
Jill Mercer
Kathy Wolfe
Leanne Dawson
Lou Westercamp
Maureen Williams
Mel Saunders
Nicki Sayers
Paula Attrill
Sue Gall
Tonia Haskell
Bev Robinson (non-travelling reserve)


Thursdays - NHS 630pm - 7.30pm
Sundays - Maidstone 4pm - 5pm


MEN'S 35s

Warren Steven Bell
Simon Bickers
Robbie Burgess
Jamie Cavanaugh
Raphael Coulon
Nathan Croad
Stephen Dickson
Ben Everist
Scott Falconer
Rahul Watson Govindan
Jonny Lusby
Robert McIntyre
Preetesh Morar
Daniel O'Callaghan
Matt Ramsay
Stewart Robertson
Sam Ros
Sam Valentine
MEN'S 40s

Bruce Iwin
Andew Martin
Will Pickney
Sam Jones
Jason Eade
Shaun Workman
David Murray
Desmond Taumata
Ben Egerton
Andrew Paiti
Casey Nolan
Jim Ellis

MEN'S 45s

Aaron Murray
Kelvin Giles
Murray Jones
Mike Parry
Adrian Lobb
Simon Rae
John Bowmar
Aaron Culow
Kether Gati
Jason Neilson
Jason Parry
Ed Falloon
Shane Wratt
Mike Lean
Chris Vautier
Damian Broadley

MEN'S 50s

Arthur Mahon
Gene Cooper
Jono Mackey
Mark Gibbons
Peter Saunders
Roy Noble
Marx Wood
Andy Wilson
Mike Gafa
Ross Manning
Malcom Sutherland
Jeff Sargeant
Grant Boyde
Brett Butcher
Mike Seymour
Mike Davis

MEN'S 55

Ed Rafferty (GK)
Duncan Lints
Sheldon Bruce
Grant Hunt
Andrew Campbell
Nev Parker
Rob Clay
Chuni Bhikha
Kelvin Read
Vinod Govind
Robert Hamlin
Richard Lennon
Peter Thomas
Prakash Jeram
Tim Tessier

MEN'S 60s

Robin Galyer
Daniel O'Connell
Peter Olliver
Tony Simler
Gil Straayer
Deryck Humphries
Meredith Webster
Adrian Straayer
Bill Hilton
Warwick Sullivan
Ashley Roper



Tuesdays - NHS 6pm - 7pm
Sundays - NHS 6pm - 7pm

Preparation and Tournament


Upon selection, all players will be required to pay a $150 deposit to WHA. This deposit will be used to reimburse WHA for the accommodation holding costs.

Additional pre-tournament costs will be:

  1. Your playing shirt – provided by WHA at your cost. It’s yours for eternity (as long as you can still fit it). Cost $40
  2. WHA socks if you need them. $20/pr (Black is the playing colour – with yellow as alternative strip)
  3. Black shorts/skirt 

Tournament costs will be:

  1. Accommodation for 7 nights in Hamilton. Team managers have already booked this because accommodation in Hamilton over tournament period is scarce. Expect individual costs to be $450-650 for the week depending on where you will be staying. It is expected that you will stay with your team but other arrangements may be considered in conjunction with your team manager.
  2. Some teams will be in accommodation with cooking facilities and some will not – food costs may vary.
  3. Transport to and from tournament.
  4. Transport to and from the turf. Some teams will use car allocation for this and others may hire a team van for the week.

 The tournament team entry fee is paid by WHA from deposit funds.

Contact Information 

If you have any questions in regards to Masters Hockey please contact Wellington Hockey on