U15 Representative Programme

As part of a Holistic Player Development programme Wellington Hockey runs an U15 Representative programme which is based on the principles of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD). We focus on the development of the person, athlete and player.

The programme has been designed to meet the age and stage of the athlete at U15 level. See here what our U15 and U13 curriculum is:

It consists of the following elements:

Under 15 Development Programme: It is a requirement that anyone that wants to represent Wellington must register through the online registration portal and attend two, two hour sessions which are open to anyone.

Trials: Selection into trials will be based on the development programme. Trials will be completed over a couple of weekends and can extend to observations of school/club matches by selectors.

Wellington Representative Teams: Two teams for males and females are selected to attend tournaments against other associations.

The guiding principle of this programme is to develop athletes in an appropriate manner for their stage of development. The programme is an inclusive program which provides opportunities for all players to grow the pool of players depth. WHA gives preference to year 8 athletes in certain cases.

Rep Programme Information

Player pathway

U13 and U15 Booklet

Development Calendar

2019 Teams

U15 Premier Development Boys:

  1. Tim Crawford
  2. Logan Hewitt
  3. Grayson Dawson
  4. William Pita
  5. Sean Moody
  6. Rafe Persson
  7. Shakeel Morar
  8. Akaash Morar
  9. Jack Garr
  10. Olaf Baker
  11. Otto Nelson
  12. Suneel Patel
  13. Mitchell Davison
  14. Zak Rigby
  15. Joshua Dyer
  16. Sam Woolcott

Goal Keepers

  1. Xander Redgrave
  2. Aum Patel

Head Coach: Finn O'Connor

Assistant Coach: Johnny Brough



U15 Championship Development Boys:

  1. Jude Anderson (NTR Premier)
  2. Luke Russell (NTR Premier)
  3. Fletcher Wilks (NTR Premier)
  4. Oliver Bowmar
  5. Aryan Vallabh
  6. Camron Neilson
  7. James O’Brien
  8. Matthew Crawford
  9. Archie Cosslett
  10. Karsten Hill
  11. Jake Baker
  12. Matthew Parry
  13. Kori Cooper
  14. Pacey Johnston
  15. Jonathan Anderson
  16. Matthew Kennedy

Goal Keepers

  1. Fergus Randall
  2. Logan Hackett

Non-Travelling Reserves

  1. Milan Kanji
  2. Noam Mckay
  3. Finn Mckay

Head Coach: Alex Grey

Assistant Coach: John Bowmar



U15 Premier Development Girls:

  1. Ariana Davis
  2. Asha O'Gorman
  3. Bria Fitzgerald
  4. Abby Draper
  5.  Jessica Davenport
  6. Juliet Leslie
  7. Kelsey Hill
  8. Tessa Sanson
  9. Maia Karepa
  10. Mandy Yeo
  11. Marie Schafers
  12. Sophia Hardie
  13. Riana Pho
  14. Annabelle Aliprantis
  15. Cara Penetito
  16. Selina Akavi

Goal Keepers

  1. Kate Kominik Fraser
  2. Isla Jones

Head Coach: Sophie Macadre

Assistant Coach: Callum Olsen



U15 Championship Development Girls:

  1. Malama Pritchard-aiono (NTR Premier)
  2. Charlotte Talbot (NTR Premier)
  3. Maya Hatchwell (NTR Premier)
  4. Maia Sherrard
  5. Stacy Collett
  6. Bella Willis
  7. Frankie Thornton
  8. Ruby Patete
  9. Eliose Campbell
  10. Kate Wallace
  11. Tara Scott
  12. Anna Knackstedt
  13. Nayomi Thiagarajah
  14. Amy Murray
  15. Dannielle Fitness
  16. Ariana Te Awa Douglas

Goal Keepers

  1. Ruby Wright
  2. Mia Coles Nixon

Non-Travelling Reserves

  1. Mya Tito
  2. Jade Forrest
  3. Rachel Baker

Head Coach: Kiri Rakuraku

Assistant Coach: Cat Gooding



U15 2019 National Tournament Locations

  • U15 Premier Girls - 30th September - 5th October in Dunedin
  • U15 Championship Girls - 30th September - 5th October in Nelson
  • U15 Premier Boys - 30th September - 5th October in Northland
  • U15 Championship Boys - 30th September - 5th October in Wanganui

U15 2019 National Tournament Placing

  • U15 Premier Girls - 1st
  • U15 Championship Girls - 9th
  • U15 Premier Boys - 9th
  • U15 Championship Boys - 2nd