U13 Representative Programme

As part of a Holistic Player Development programme Wellington Hockey runs an U13 Representative programme which is based on the principles of Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD). We focus on the development of the person, athlete and player.

The programme has been designed to meet the age and stage of the athlete at U13 level. See here what our U15 and U13 curriculum is:

It consists of the following elements:

Under 13 Development Programme: It is a requirement that anyone that wants to represent Wellington must register through the online registration portal and attend two, two hour sessions which are open to anyone.

Trials: Selection into trials will be based on the development programme. Trials will be completed over a couple of weekends and can extend to observations of school/club matches by selectors.

Wellington Representative Teams: Two teams for males and females are selected to attend tournaments against other associations.

The guiding principle of this programme is to develop athletes in an appropriate manner for their stage of development. The programme is an inclusive programme which provides opportunities for all players.

Rep Programme Information

Player Pathway

U13 and U15 Booklet

Development Calendar

2019 Teams

Hatch Development U13 Boys:

  1. Callum Stevens
  2. Luke Naftel
  3. Harrison Clulow
  4. Harry Jennings
  5. Lucas Aliprantis
  6. Jared Woolcott
  7. Hamish Davenport
  8. Ned Dassanayake
  9. Ben Dudding
  10. Jack Josland
  11. Hugo Maitland
  12. Foy Kerkin
  13. JJ Alo
  14. Blake Whitfield
  15. Matthew Clark
  16. Desh Sukha

Goal Keepers

  1. Josh Harvey-Green
  2. Flynn Meyrick

Coach: Jake Inwood

Assistant Coach: Gavin Naftel



Curtis Development U13 Boys:

  1. Nicolaas Stewart (NTR Hatch)
  2. Emileo Rossen (NTR Hatch)
  3. Jean Baptiste Macadre (NTR Hatch)
  4. Thomas Kominik Fraser
  5. Andries Korb
  6. Sammy Scott
  7. Cameron Jaine
  8. Lucious Pinto
  9. Zac Fowler
  10. Tommy Hanna
  11. Henry O’Brien
  12. Mikah Miller
  13. Matty Prentice
  14. Simon Korb
  15. James Littlefair
  16. Ezra Crawshaw

Non-Travelling Reserves

  1. Liam Taylor
  2. Renn Harper
  3. Ashton Herrick

Goal Keepers

  1. Prashaan Ishver
  2. Trijal Pednekar

Coach: TBC



Collier Development U13 Girls:

  1. Isla McCaw
  2. Nishka Parekh
  3. Kate Chandler
  4. Charlotte Merwood
  5. Theodora Gempton
  6. Lucy Pottinger
  7. Mckaela Woodward
  8. Ella Mullane
  9. Charlotte Dacombe-Bird
  10. Hayley Todd
  11. Bella Clentworth
  12. Erice Van Leuven
  13. Grace Banks
  14. Sophie McGuigan
  15. Emily Allen
  16. Maggie Robinson

Goal Keepers

  1. Yasmin Hannah
  2. Rhianna Parry

Coach: Kahu Kirikiri

Assistant Coach: James Woodward



Rawleigh Development U13 Girls:

  1. Kevine Ingabire (NTR Collier)
  2. Jessica Martin (NTR Collier)
  3. Mia Tait (NTR Collier)
  4. Tirzah Thuraisingham
  5. Elliot Guest
  6. Greer Thornton
  7. Ellie O’Brien
  8. Jessie Holland
  9. Francine Scott
  10. Tilly Sipeli
  11. Neve Edwards
  12. Ella Glubb
  13. Charlotte Giles
  14. Emily Smith
  15. Agus Mazur
  16. Sophie Legge

Goal Keepers

  1. Sarah Duncan
  2. Alice Egerton

Non-Travelling Reserves

  1. Georgie Pennicott
  2. Bella Manning

Head Coach: Eddie Forster

Assistant Coach: Steffan Cavill-Fowler



2019 Representative Tournament Locations 

  • Under 13 Boys Hatch 7th - 12th October in Nelson
  • Under 13 Girls Collier 7th - 12th October in Wellington
  • Under 13 Boys Curtis 6th - 10th October in Napier
  • Under 13 Girls Rawleigh 6th - 10th October in Gisborne