Wellington Hockey forecasting a financial loss for 2018.

November 21, 2018

Despite winning ways on the turf Wellington Hockey has experienced a downturn in expected revenues for the current year.

‘We were without a CEO for the first six months of the year,’ said Sally Morrison, newly elected Chair of WHA. ‘While the organisation kept a close eye on the outgoings we have been impacted by not having a CEO in place driving positive revenue outcomes through our commercial side.’

‘This as a serious setback but one which can be remedied by revisiting strategic priorities, hard work and close attention to our revenue targets.‘

A financial relief plan is now in place to guide the organisation through to the end of the year, and a Strategic Recovery Plan will be in place by the middle of November. The Board is working closely with CEO Kit Taylor for the duration of this process; the first and continuing priority is to be providing excellent services to our member clubs and hockey players.

A key element of the recovery plan is WHAs ability to live within these financial constraints and not put any further burden on clubs or their players. In the meantime, WHA has a busy summer ahead to complete what has been another great year on the turf.

All media enquiries please refer to:

Kit Taylor

CEO Wellington Hockey

021 244 1911