2018 Capital NHL Women

August 02, 2018

Capital Hockey is pleased to announce the 2018 NHL Women's team to compete in September. The team boasts a balance of youth and experience and is full of young local talent. The side will be lifted with the inclusion of Black Sticks' star Kelsey Smith. With experienced Coach Hugh Rosemergy back for another year in charge and several returning players we are really excited to see what this group can do on home turf. 

2018 Capital NHL Women

Aniwaka Roberts - Hutt United

Charlotte Eastman - Harbour City

Estelle Macadre - Harbour City

Esther Chan - Hutt United

Felicity Reidy - Harbour City

Grace Seeley - Varsity

Katherine van Woerkom - Dalefield

Katie Fraser - Varsity

Kiriana Wairau-Hunter - Hutt United

Kelsey Smith - Black Sticks

Maddi McLean - Hutt United

Maddy Simmonds- Harbour City

Megan Hull - Development Squad

Michael O'Connor - Dalefield

Natalie Austin - St Matthew's

Rachel Lilley - Varsity

Ruby Logan - Harbour City

Sara Cooper - Hutt United

Head Coach - Hugh Rosemergy 

Assistant Coach - Bjorn Dix

Manager - Bev Robinson

Videographer - Alan Lancashire