2018 Capital NHL Men's Wider Squad Naming

July 25, 2018

The following players have been selected in the NHL Men's Wider Squad.

Capital Hockey reserves the right to add or remove players from this squad.

For more campaign information please scroll to the bottom.

SebastianBuddleNaenae HCWellington
NickFinlaysonDalefield HCWellington
CameronGladdingHutt UnitedWellington
DanielHarrisNorth Shore UnitedNorth Harbour
BlairHiltonTakapunaNorth Harbour
KentHorsleyNorthern UnitedWellington
JaredJonesHarbour CityWellington
DaanJongejanHutt UnitedWellington
GabrielKepesHarbour CityWellington
EthanKerruishNorthern UnitedWellington
DaneLettDalefield HCWellington
HarryMiskimminNorth Shore UnitedNorth Harbour
JayanParbhuDalefield HCWellington
LochiePatonHutt UnitedWellington
FletcherPhillipsHutt UnitedWellington
KylePontifexVictoria UniversityWellington
DylanPriceDalefield HCWellington
BradReadNorth Shore UnitedNorth Harbour
MaxRuffellNaenae HCWellington
KunalShantilalNaenae HCWellington
WillStablesVictoria UniversityWellington
JoshSymondsHarbour CityWellington
Benedictvan  WoerkomSouthern  UnitedMelbourne
RowanYeoDalefield HCWellington


Campaign Information - Updated 160718

Capital Hockey is please to announce the confirmation of our ‘Off the Field’ Staff for the Capital Cobras.

Head Coach - Hemant Lala

Performance Coach - Amrit John

Manager - Helen Manning

Physiotherapist – Nitin Bhikha


Hemant Lala - Convenor of Selectors

Scott Falconer

Jason Hilton


See the attached Schedule below.

Squad / Team Naming:

Due to the high percentage of players based outside of Wellington we will delay the of the Initial Squad. 

We will likely name the Squad concurrently with the naming of the Wellington Senior Mens Squad/Team.

If you have any questions please contact Hemant Lala at hemant@wellingtonhockey.org.nz


NHL Capital Men - Expressions of Interest

Please consider this information if you are interested in representing Capital Men in 2018.

Along with player performances during Club matches, there will be fitness testing before a Wider Squad is named.

Key Dates:

18 May - EOI

5 June - Open Training Begins

1 July - Initial Squad Named

12 August - Final 18 Named

A Full training plan will be released at the beginning of the open trainings.

Management Team:

Head Coach – Hemant Lala

Manager – Helen Manning

Performance Coach – Amrit John

Physiotherapist – Nitin Bhikha


If you have any questions please contact Hemant Lala at hemant@wellingtonhockey.org.nz